The Winfield Children’s House is a school dedicated to peace. At all times, we are guiding and assisting children to be respectful of self, others and the Earth. We help children in the creative and peaceful resolution of conflicts, which naturally arise, through a respectful process of peer problem-solving. We encourage children by guidance and example to give messages with words. Our teachers are professionally prepared to mediate this process of creative conflict resolution.

As a Montessori certified school, peace education is constantly part of our learning/living process. Day-to-day we learn about respect and kindness here at school. We also offer the preschool children a cultural learning that is non-stereotypical and which serves to build understanding and appreciation of diversity among ourselves at school and the people who share our Earth. We feel strongly that the foundation of learning to live peacefully with others is to understand that we are all special individuals, lovable and capable. We hold self-esteem and the nurturance of the whole child – body, mind, feelings and spirit to be the highest aspect of our creative work with children.

We request that all personal items associated with or promoting commercial products, cartoon characters, or super heroes or the acts of violence, aggression, fighting or destruction not be brought into our school. We invite play and the use of toys, which foster and encourage creativity, cooperation, and positive expression. 

Throughout the year, you will be aware of special events, projects, activities and celebrations, which further support the growth of your child as a peacemaker. Peace is not an event – it is a way of life. Peace is our hope for the future and our children!