Our Programs

Infant Program (Bambini)

The Bambini program is for children ages 6 to 16 months. The environment and program are designed around the belief that infants are born with tremendous potential — eager to learn, explore, and try new things. The classroom, in light of the infant’s need for routine and consistency, allows for freedom of movement while gently stimulating the naturally curious infant. A flexible schedule allows each child to eat, sleep, or play according to his or her own unique internal rhythm. The activities support and encourage language development, practical life skills, eye/hand coordination, along with gross and fine motor abilities in a warm and loving environment.

The ratio of children to adults does not exceed 4:1, with each child assigned to one primary teacher. The teacher monitors that child’s schedule and communicates the eating, sleeping, and activity patterns on a daily basis. This program is staffed by Montessori educated, bright and caring adults to assist the infants in developing strong, loving, trusting relationships and attachments that will help prepare them socially and emotionally for adulthood.

Toddler Program

The Winfield Children’s House Toddler program offers an introduction to Montessori education. A low student-teacher ratio helps to bridge the child’s transition from home to school, while providing children with an opportunity to explore new relationships with friends and to interact with adults in a loving and nurturing environment.

As part of their early Montessori experience, toddlers are introduced to age appropriate Montessori materials and invited to make choices from a variety of activities that support their developmental interests and needs. The toddler’s strong sense of autonomy is encouraged while self-esteem is enhanced through social and learning experiences.

Toddlers enjoy music and movement within the classroom curriculum. Snacks, outdoor play, and lunch are a part of the daily routine. The toddler need not be toilet trained as this is a part of toddler development. The Toddler program offers the young child a safe, secure environment with trusting teachers who respect each individual. The school and home partnership is formed, assisting the toddlers as they embark on their first school experience.

Preschool Program

Winfield’s Preschool classrooms offer a relaxed and stimulating environment where children may learn at their own pace in a noncompetitive fashion.

The results are a love of learning, a positive self image, and a sense of self-direction that form a strong foundation for future growth. The basic Montessori curriculum areas around which the classroom is organized include Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Language, Geography, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Peace. In addition, the program includes a variety of enrichment activities that change throughout the year. The daily routine includes a two hour work time, group meeting time, snack, outdoor play and lunch.

The Preschools have mixed-age groupings, allowing younger children to learn from the activities of older children, and providing the older children the opportunity to teach and nurture the younger children.

Kindergarten Program

Winfield offers a state-approved Kindergarten program that a child may attend in lieu of an area public kindergarten prior to entering first grade. This option is available to those families who wish to provide the continuity of the Montessori experience for their child, as well as a lower student-teacher ratio. This five day program consists of a full morning in the multi-age classroom within the prepared environment. After lunch and recess,  children who stay for the afternoon take part in Pre-K/Kindergarten enrichment activities including extensions in reading, writing, math, science and special art projects or continue their work with the Montessori materials.

Program Options

Download our Program Options information (PDF) for information about schedules, class sizes and staff to child ratios. Download our Tuition Information (PDF) for program costs and fees. For any questions, please call 207-797-8101.